Friday, May 05, 2006

Yikes! I woke up this beautiful Cinco de Mayo morning to find a NINE YEAR OLD girl in my daughter's bed!! How did this happen? Just last night she was eight! It seems so unbelievable that my beautiful, playful, smart girl is changing from a "little" girl to a young lady right before my eyes. I am overwhelmed by her wonderful spirit and how sweet and kind and funny she is. Oh, do we butt heads sometimes??? Just ask the male residents in our house (dad and big bro.) . We do have our moments.... but I think we are a very normal (whatever that is) mom/daughter duo. We are very alike in some ways, but in others so opposite. Her personality emerges more every day. She loves to draw, doodle, cook, learn, play, and talk, talk, talk....asking questions about absolutely everything. She loves riding her bike, skating, giggling and though she is a good reader, she hasn't yet discovered what a joy that is (it's still something she "has" to do). I love watching her relationships with God, her friends, her big brother and with her dad and myself all develop and grow.Anyway, I just had to take this day to celebrate her! I am blessed to have her in my life and she was so worth waiting for. I wanted her for so long before she was ever here and now her time in our home is flying by so quickly. I pray I will enjoy every moment and make the most of this time. Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!


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