Saturday, May 06, 2006

Whatever happened to the days when Saturday was the best day of the week, our family time? It's now a day my kids and I "endure" because my hubby is having to wait tables all day and long into the night just so we can come close to paying our bills. He usually has the car too so we are grounded (that's good - can't spend too much money when you are stuck at home!) I no longer eagerly await Friday night and Saturday because the kids and I are on our own and I know he is working like a dog hoping people will remember to tip.

I now look forward to Sundays when we can worship with dear friends and have home group in our home, and Monday nights (he usually takes off) so we can have some family time and then hubby & I can curl up on the couch and watch "24" together. I love that show! He gets a little rest before his other jobs and school work kick in for the week again on Tuesday. He is so wonderful to work so hard for our family. I love him for it, and I hope he knows how much I see what he goes through for us. I don't know how he does it.

My kids told me today that I AM NOT BORING (they are being kind), it's just that without dad around, we are all boring....we just aren't complete. I actually think that's a cool thing we are all finding out about ourselves. (We do have some fun, but it is just never quite the same without him.) Maybe that is part of what this season of our life is all about....learning more about how much we connect as a family and that we can do that in non-traditional ways. Thank God for homeschooling. It has allowed our family to work things out in ways we never could if the kids were tied up in public school.

Well, I should go spend some of this time doing laundry, etc. Even though I can be thankful for the things we are learning through this time, I pray that this part of the journey won't last too long!! I am not one to want to be too traditional, but I would like to have some family time on the weekends, or have a date with my husband on Sat. night again sometime!! And please, people, remember your waitstaff are people too....(and some of them have families to feed and bills to pay!) and this surely isn't their dream job!


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