Friday, May 26, 2006


The month of May has been a blur. I can't believe it is already Memorial Day weekend! How did this happen? I haven't become too regular at this blogging thing yet -- maybe I will have more time this summer -- ha!

Summer happens so suddenly in West Texas (probably why May seems to have flown by). One day it's in the 70's and I have the windows open (on the few days the wind and dirt aren't blowing so much I have to vacuum the furniture every evening) and it's delightful and then overnight it is 100 degrees day after day and the air conditioning is on full time and cooking anything in the oven is done only when it's worth heating up the kitchen. There just isn't any ramp-up time here and I miss Spring! We have lived in other parts of the country and I have enjoyed Spring. I have enjoyed the ramp-up time to heat (and it usually doesn't get AS hot or last very long). I have enjoyed trips to the park, walks, working in the yard, etc. I will admit that I am not a great outdoors-woman (probably because I grew up in this area and didn't know it could be any different), but I do enjoy getting out and doing things outside some!

The kids and I have decided to do a more year-round school schedule. We will only do 4 short days a week for 6 weeks and then take a couple of weeks off. We'll see how that works out, but since it is so hot out in the middle of the day, I think we might as well be doing something productive inside! I will try to make it more FUN for the summer (although mom, the FUN-RUINER, might have a hard time with that one!).

I kind of think life is a lot like the changing of seasons here in W. Texas. One day the sun's (or the Son's) warmth seems so pleasant and makes us all smile as we slip into our sandels and shorts - we are so content - and the next thing we know, sometimes in the span of a few minutes, we are hot, sweaty and uncomfortable and looking for relief inside a cave! God is in every season -- the ones that bring changes in the weather and the ones that bring changes in our lives. Life can heat up pretty fast - without much ramp-up time - and it is time to seek shelter in Him (and, for goodness sake, try to do something productive while you are in the shelter! -- learn more about Him, at least) until the cool winds of a new season blow over us again. We are changed, we have grown and are refreshed for the next season to come. Living life for God can get pretty HOT and uncomfortable, but He's in the heat....often trying to get our attention and calling us to spend time inside with Him!

I don't know what all Summer will bring this year. Things in our life are likely to change (and I am confident that God will be in every change or non-change that takes place, so that's ok and I can deal) and I am looking out on the hot horizon (past the mirages!) with anticipation of what God will do next in our lives. I am praying for our patience and peace and that our passion will only grow stronger for our Lord and His Kingdom.

Have a great Summer and enjoy the Son's Heat!
(& Go Mavs!)


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