Monday, June 05, 2006

How 'Bout Those Mavs?

OK, y'all have to indulge me another blog about sports! (I really am all-girl in most things. I have never understood why females don't love watching basketball -- all those muscular men in shorts and tank tops, come on ladies!)

The Dallas Mavericks are FINALLY going to the NBA Finals!! I am still having a hard time grasping the reality of this. I was a young, single woman when the Mavs were just getting started and having some success early on. I was lucky enough to get to attend a few games in those years (I was at Reunion Arena to watch Dr. J on his 'farewell tour" when he played the Mavs). I have been a Mavs fan ever since those early years. I didn't have cable back then, so I didn't get to "watch" some of those playoff games...instead I listened on the radio. I remember listening to the Laker series in 88 on my walkman because no one else in my house wanted to hear the game -- but what they got to hear was my yelling and screaming! The names and faces of past players and coaches have been flashing through my mind this week and I know that all of them share in some small way in this exciting time. I'm happy that some of them (i.e. Brad Davis & Ro Blackman) are still with the team and will get to share this. They are two that really deserve it!

I married in 91 and moved away from the Dallas area. We lived all over the country and started our family and I didn't have access to Mavs games (and babies kept me very busy!). I didn't care much about other NBA teams so I kinda lost touch, although I knew they were really struggling. People in other parts of the country thought I was out of my mind when I mentioned being a Mavs fan. When we moved back closer to Texas a few years ago, I began to watch again and have more access to Mavs news. I was excited about this new team I saw emerging. My hubby has become a fan (he didn't have much choice!) and my kids are coming along. My husband even surprised me with Mavericks tickets for my birthday last year. It was a blast and such a sweet, thoughtful gift. It showed me how well he knows me.

I tried to get my kids to scrape together the coins in their piggy banks and buy mom a Mavericks jersey....but they didn't seem too enthused about that prospect!!! They think mom is crazy and they are right. I'm just a MFFL (Mavs Fans for Life). One of the many who have waited for over 20 years for this day to come. I love this TEAM because they are such a TEAM. Yes, Dirk is definitely the leader and the designated "SuperStar" and I love him...but everyone on this team contributes on and off the court. I think Avery Johnson is a tremendous basketball mind and motivator. And Cuban... a great fan with lots o' money who understands the FUN of this sport!

I'm ready for Thursday night -- bring on the Heat! (We know how to do air-conditioning very well in Texas!) Go Mavs!


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